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Paul Mielke

Paul Mielke



Get to know a little more about Paul Mielke....

Year you got your license? 2015

Birth city? Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You specialize in what part of the city? Southside, Avondale, Crestwood

What kind of pet do you have, and what is his/her name? Finn! He is my French Bulldog

Favorite real estate moment? Selling my little brother a house

What are you especially known for in real estate? Excellent customer service, and I pretty much always answer my phone!

What did you do before real estate? I manage several different bars, and I also am a part owner of a gym

Hobbies? Good food, better beer, cool places

Favorite restaurant in town? Bamboo on 2nd

Business philosophy? "He who works the land has much, but those chase fantasies lack judgement."- King Solomon

Why did you choose Brik? I chose Brik because the energy and vision have blown me away!

Roll Tide? Or War Eagle? GO HAWKS!

Favorite Birmingham event? Every day in Birmingham is a holiday!

Favorite Birmingham place? Rooftop at The Redmont Hotel

Best Brik Moment? Seeing the text from Gusty asking me to work with him.

An interesting thing about me is...I can mix a mean drink!