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Leigh Daniels

Leigh Daniels


Get to know a little more about Leigh Daniels...

Year you got your license? 2011

Birth city? Birmingham

You specialize in what part of the city? All over the Birmingham Area.

Children? Yes, Colton Wyatt 2.5 years old.

What kind of pet do you have and what is his or her name? I have one dog (Toby) and one horse (Della).

Favorite real estate moment? My first real estate sale. I had my license for a year but worked in different aspects of real estate. So finally using my license to sell was great.

What are you especially known for in real estate? Working hard for my clients.

What did you do before real estate? I worked as an administrative assistant for a local realtor. Then managed a real estate office while getting my license.

Hobbies? Riding Horses

Favorite restaurant in town? Any Mexican Restaurant

Business philosophy? Take care of your clients as you would friends or family.

Why did you choose Brik? I choose Brik because I worked with Gusty for several years prior to Brik opening. I believed in his vision and wanted to be a part of the growth.

Roll Tide? Or War Eagle? War Eagle

Favorite Birmingham place? Birmingham Zoo with my family.

Best Brik moment? Watching it come full circle. Making the move when the doors open to seeing it become so successful.

An interesting thing about me is…. I love riding horses and have been riding since I was a little girl.