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Lauren Murphree

Lauren Murphree


Get to know a little more about Lauren Murphree...

Year you got your license? 2012

Birth city? Atlanta

You specialize in what part of the city? Western area, Homewood, Vestavia, Mtn Brook, Downtown, Crestwood, Hoover, surrounding areas

Spouse's name? Wes

Children? Kaitlyn Louise (5) and Emmett Dean (1)

What kind of pet do you have and what is his or her name? Chocolate Lab (11) named Hershey

Favorite real estate moment? That one time my client and I wrote 7 offers on 7 different houses, ran into multiple offers EVERY TIME and lost..... when the 7th one panned out, and I call my client, she was ecstatic. I use that story all the time, because at some point, the starts always align and if its meant to be, you get the house!

What are you especially known for in real estate? Fighting hard for my clients and not backing down

What did you do before real estate? Brokered military freight

Hobbies? Coquetting, playing with kids, Alabama football, and playing tennis

Favorite restaurant in town? Bottega

Business philosophy? Treat your clients like family

Roll Tide? Or War Eagle? Roll Tide

Favorite Birmingham event? Christmas Village (it's my favorite place in the world!)

Favorite Birmingham place? Birmingham Zoo

Best Brik moment?  Getting the call that the new company had been started. It was a lot of work in the beginning, but watching everything come off the ground was really neat.

An interesting thing about me is that have a special passion for charity and especially Susan G. Komen. I have walked 60 miles in 3 days for the cure and will be doing it again in Nov 2017.

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