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Kathryn Romanchuk

Kathryn Romanchuk


Get to know a little more about Kathryn Romanchuk...

Year you got your license? 2017

Birth city? ATLANTA

You specialize in what part of the city? OTM as well as all Greater Birmingham

What kind of pet do you have and what is his or her name? Miniature POODLE - Cadence Emma Romanchuk

What did you do before real estate? EVERYTHING.... Digital Ad sales for, Marketing for Mortgage, Banking, Financial Planning, worked at Bromberg's in Diamond sales

Hobbies? Singing, being outside, spending time with friends and family

Favorite restaurant in town? OvenBird, Grand Bohemian Habitat, or anything that has a patio that does not overlook a parking lot.

Business philosophy? Identify with your Buyer or Seller and search and sell as if it were your own.

Why did you choose Brik? Because I appreciated Gusty's work ethic and reputation in Birmingham and in the industry, and because "I KNOW RICHARD DANNER!"

Roll Tide? Or War Eagle? Whoever has the best tailgate :)

Accolades or awards? Songwriter's night at the Bluebird Cafe, Published writer in national and regional hunting and fishing magazines

Favorite Birmingham event? The Exceptional Foundation Chili Cookoff

Favorite Birmingham place? Any rooftop or patio restaurant with my friends

An interesting thing about me is….my nickname is Sparkles