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Jill Riley

Jill Riley

Client Care Coordinator

Get to know a little more about Jill Riley:

Birth city? Elizabeth, New Jersey

Children? We have 3 girls.  

What kind of pet do you have and what is his or her name? We have two dogs.  A Boston Terrier named Toby and a boxer named Remi

What did you do before real estate? I worked for Publix Super Markets where my husband currently works.  I was also a stay at mom for a few years.

Hobbies? Boating, going to the beach, reading, cooking and hanging out with my family

Favorite restaurant in town? Superior Grill, Davenports, Baha Burger and Chuy's

Business philosophy? Always do the right thing.  

Why did you choose Brik? The culture

Roll Tide? Or War Eagle? Neither- Go Canes

Favorite Birmingham place? Birmingham Zoo

Best Brik moment? Getting the opportunity to work with the G3 team

An interesting thing about me is…. I've lived in 6 states