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Bradley Franklin

Bradley Franklin


Get to know a little more about Bradley Franklin...

Year you got your license? March 2017

Birth city? Huntsville, AL

You specialize in what part of the city? I will assist clients in all areas of Birmingham and surrounding areas

Favorite real estate moment? The year I spent learning and assisting with the listings and closings for the Gusty Gulas Group before obtaining my license.

What are you especially known for in real estate? Being a team member of the Gusty Gulas Group

What did you do before real estate? Hospitality-I have years of experience taking care of people. I managed restaurants such as Cotton Row, Bottega, Galley & Garden, & Bamboo on 2nd.

Hobbies? Seeing live music, traveling to new places, being physically active, & spending time with loved ones

Favorite restaurant in town? Bamboo on 2nd, Fancy’s on Fifth, & Gianmarcos

Business philosophy? Work very, very hard & always be prepared; never give up; and once you get the job, give them more than they ever expected- SHINE!

Why did you choose Brik? Brik is the newest, most forward thinking, innovative brokerage in the city with some of the highest regarded and successful agents. It’s a company that supports growth and change and has deeply integrated themselves within the community and has branded itself as a leader in philanthropy and local causes.

Favorite Birmingham event? Any event involving food and a good cause!

Favorite Birmingham place? The Vulcan trail- I love to run/walk the trail while gazing at beautiful views of our city.

Best Brik moment? Brik Break at the lake! Great fellowship with coworkers & friends!